Thursday, 11 April 2013

Terrified Tanager!

APRIL 11th
Today was very windy and sunny for most of the day. I took an early walk along the Arroyito trail where Red legged Seriema were heard but once again no sign of the birds. I then made my way to the Kurupayty trail which is a mixture of tracks with forest and low bushes where you can at one point look over a farm.
A Planalto Woodcreeper was the first addition to the trip list planting itself on a tree in front of me along the second half of the trail.
(Planalto Woodcreeper)
A Hooded Tanager was identified in the forest section of the trail. The birds are high up in the canopy along this stretch of forest and can be tricky to identify.
(Hooded Tanager)
I returned to base and spoke with Joe who was heading out to the Cerrado to collect some clothes he had left on a fence. The PLT dogs had chased the truck a few days earlier and had gone missing for a couple of days! This happens from time to time but happily they were found yesterday having been cared for by local people. I had also dropped my water bottle in a Plantation and it was a good opportunity to look for it.

No luck with the water bottle, but as we were driving back I was talking to Joe about Sjouke not having seen Red legged Seriema and how I hoped he saw one to add to his Rhea this morning. No sooner had I finished speaking two Seriema came into view and were sprinting down the track in front of us. No time to stop the truck so pictures were taken on the move with surprisingly good results! Sjouke was not with us though damn it!
(Red legged Seriema)
After lunch is internet time of the day but this was playing up so Sjouke wandered off to the lagoon a few metres away. He called me over a few minutes later having seen a Tanager with a black head and bib. We attempted to re locate the bird but were not successful at first.

Sjouke got his bird book from the house and a discussion about the identity of the bird ensued. We both returned to the edge of the lagoon hoping the bird was still there. This part of the lagoon has a small line of bushes and trees at the back of the reeds.
(Black Faced Tanager)
A Black Faced Tanager suddenly appears in a small tree! The SLR rattles off two shots before a Pale breasted Thrush obviously on security patrol swoops into the bush! Uh oh here we go again thrush chasing migrant scenario!!
(Black Faced Tanager)
The Thrush did its job chasing the Tanager along the lagoon and then into the higher trees and it was lost to sight. But unlike the Yellow billed Cuckoo I had a couple of shots phew!! Excitement was in the air as this could be another addition to the Laguna Blanca list. Hot off the press this is the 2nd record for Paraguay! Woo hoo nice one Sjouke!


  1. Hello! How are you? Finally remembered to look at your blog. Looks as though you are enjoying yourself..when do you come back to the real world? Hope you are well, Helen S

    1. Hi im good I am back on 7th May then back to the madness the following week... Time is flying by!! No appeal then??

    2. Wow that has gone quick! Do you have a crick in your neck from looking up at the sky all the time?! No appeal thankfully, couldn't have gone through that again