Thursday, 18 April 2013

Survey Suprises!

APRIL 18th
After a bit of truck trouble this morning Sjouke and I headed for the Atlantic forest and the Corn field where Yellowish Pipit should be present. On the way four Great white Egret were seen flying over the lagoon.
We walked into Urukurea trail and out onto the main track which splits the Atlantic forest. Pair of Blue Dacnis was seen from the edge of the track. These are one of my favourite forest birds!

Once at the corn field we scanned the area for the pipit. Then playback was used with no response. An American Kestrel had been more successful catching its breakfast from within the field. Then the call of the Yellowish Pipit was heard from three different parts of the field!
One bird was located and observed flying high and dropping from the sky whilst calling! This species was a lifer for me and is a resident in this area. Thanks Paul we should have gone earlier!

Several regular species were noted during the walk back including Plain Antvirio which is a species we have heard on a regular basis but had not been seen!

This afternoon was spent completing project work with Sjouke in the Cerradon Cerrado. The two hours flew by with many species recorded including a couple of surprises:-
A Pauraque popped up during daylight hours from a trail and rested on a tree branch before re routing behind us.
Just before dusk a Nacunda Nighthawk was chased along the tree line by an Aplomoldo Falcon. It looked as if it escaped the falcons clutches though!

Becca went into Santa Barbera this afternoon via the Corn Field and described a Maguari Stork which was flying low over the field towards the lagoon. I wouldn’t have minded adding that to my Laguna Blanca list but you can’t be everywhere!

The truck has been wrapped up in a tarpaulin in an attempt to stop it getting damp under the bonnet overnight. Fingers crossed Sjouke and I will be Plantation bound in the morning!

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