Tuesday, 9 April 2013

They think its all over!!

The power has just come back on as a result of recent storms!

The last couple of days have been quiet on the birding front. I decided to have a walk in the Atlantic Forest. All was quiet so I joined Becca who was on her regular monkey hunt. The walk along the new trails produced a pair of Pale breasted Spinetail and along the main track Chestnut Eared Aracari and a Little Woodpecker.

The afternoon was spent lagoon side at soccer camp as the PLT 6-a-side team were to feature in a competition in Santa Barbara! No problems there as the teams were mixed and some were oldies!
We arrived at the 6-a-side soccer pitch which had its own lighting around it and looked on at the opposition who were mainly in soccer kit and wearing football boots. This looks serious! But we had a kit and had been training during the afternoon right! Fatima joined our team to make up the six. We were the only mixed team and the competition winners would receive a pig! This is doubly serious! Our opponents were drawn champions League style and we were playing the Speedy Gonzales VI! This could be tricky! A few tactical changes were discussed and we set about the job in hand. 
(Pre-match Team talk!)
Line up as follows:-                                                                     
GK: Myself
DEF: Sean DEF: Joe
MID: Sjouke MID: Fatima
ATT: Becca
(Preparing for battle!)
The only way I can describe the game was FC Barcelona v Chelsea in the Camp Nou last year. We kept the youngsters at bay for the first five minutes of the seven minute half. The defending and goalkeeping was desperate but superb! There was a claim for a penalty at the other end as Fatima was clearly brought down by their goalkeeper! The opposition were clearly getting frustrated as the other teams on the sidelines cheered as every save or ball was cleared by PLT! But sadly it did not last with the “Cat” finally beaten from close range near halftime!

Speedy Gonzales VI won the match 3 – 0 and I wondered if I would every walk again but the match was great fun and was a great advert for PLT community involvement

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