Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Solitary bird!

This morning was to be the start of Sjouke’s project comparing birdlife in the various Eucalyptus plantations to different Cerrado habitats. I had to collect the truck from the tourist side of the lagoon and was accompanied by PLT’s new dog! Who promptly put a Sandpiper skyward near to the bridge over the stream. OH NO!

I went off into Nightjar land with Sjouke and made a note to self to check the lagoon on my return! The survey was completed and then some birding by the stream. Every day different species are turning up in these areas. Tropical Kingbird, Chestnut Eared Aracari were the hi-lights until Sharp tailed Grass-tyrant popped up near us as we were stood in the grass.

Back at the base Sean said he had heard a Sandpiper at the stream this morning. A mini twitch ensued with a quick step to the beach where the exhausted birders bird stood on a small area by the reeds. The Solitary Sandpiper was nervous so distance was kept and another dash for my Digi-scoping equipment took place. The Vermilion Flycatcher made an appearance whilst I was away.
(Solitary Sandpiper)
This afternoon Sjouke and I were off to the Campo-limpio Cerrado to carry out another survey. Both of us were still burning off the lactic acid from the night before and were glad of the walk!! The reward for this effort was a Wedged tailed Grass-finch along with a few usual suspects.

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