Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Bolivia Los Volcanes Part Three!

Every trip I take I set myself a target bird. My visit to Los Volcanes had a family of birds that I had not seen before and this group was high on my wishlist to see! Only one species of Macaw has been recorded at Los Volcanes the Military Macaw and there was a fair chance of seeing one too. I saw a bird in flight on the first day I arrived but I had not taken any pictures of this amazing multi coloured bird.

During lunch I noticed a group of four Macaws head into the trees near to the Lora trail. That at least decided my plans for the afternoon a stake out along that trail. Finding the noisy birds was not a problem but getting in position to get a reasonable shot was going to be trickier and somewhat time consuming. But I had plenty of that so the stake out began!

Some forty minutes later having watched these birds crashing about in the canopy my opportunity arose and was duly taken despite the bird being in partial shade! This bird ticked me off and then joined the other three further back in the canopy.

After that bit of excitement I must have had a rush of blood to the head and decided to walk to the top of this steep winding trail. The views along the way were amazing and at one point I was at eye level with a flock of Mitred Parakeets who were also semi interested in the human below.
The view at the top of the trail was amazing and a couple of Macaw performed a flypast similar to the Red Arrows. Fantastic!

Now came the tricky bit getting down the trail before it got dark. As I got lower down the trail the vegetation changed from dry grass Cerrado to bamboo lined forest. The trails were fairly narrow in places therefore there was no time for any slip ups!

I happened to make it back in good time well before the lights were turned out! Another great day spent where quality made up for the lack in numbers of species seen. 

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