Friday, 30 September 2016

Laguna Blanca - Patience pays off!

The storm was not due to arrive until Sunday but they weather had other ideas! I got up at even stupider o clock so that I could get into the Cerrado before daylight and it turned out this was a good move. The birds were very vocal which made the survey a lot easier. But a phone call from Becca at just past seven had me in a state of flux!

A Macaw had been heard over the Atlantic Forest and I was a million miles away in the middle of no-where (or it seemed that way). The Macaw was not heard again but it could still be tucked away in the Forest!

After completion of the survey I made my way in that direction and stomped into the area of the seasonal pond like a small herd of elephants flushing a Spotted Sandpiper which promptly exited stage left! 

I wandered around the North forest for a while and then decided to return to the base. As I was making my way I heard the Pavonine Cuckoo calling. This was the first time in a long while therefore I seized the moment and with the assistance of some playback had good views of this fantastic bird.
The storm was now well and truly upon Laguna Blanca and it was not long before the heavens opened and the thunder roared overhead. Thank goodness for an early start and hopefully the Macaw will stick around!! 

The Lagoon was the subject of the day’s survey. A group of nine Fork-tailed Flycatcher and a couple of Tropical Kingbird got things off to a good start at stupid o clock. There was a trickle of Hirundines the best of which a Barn Swallow turned up later on in the morning.

A Streaked Flycatcher snuck onto the edge of the lagoon thinking it had gone unnoticed, This was the first record of my trip I think I must have just missed them earlier on in the year.

The fourth Osprey of the year appeared over the lagoon but did not make it into the frame. A couple of Swallow tailed Kite sailed over taking a brief drink from the surface of the lagoon as they passed through. A third bird passed through the lagoon later on in the day.

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