Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Bolivia Los Volcanes Part Two!

Forest birding is never going to be easy with many species preferring the canopy or skulking around in the understory. Learning the calls is a huge bonus but for life birds they have to be seen and playback is not always guaranteed success.

The bird of the day was seen last of all but is well worth mentioning first. It was seen on a small trail on the other side of the river. My guide for the afternoon spotted the White-throated Toucan perched with its back to us. The camera captured the rest before the bird sailed away into the forest. Woo hoo!

The area around the accommodation block was alive with Parrots / Parakeets this morning. The noise was almost deafening in parts but what an amazing site as flocks wheeled from tree to tree on the side of the volcanoes. A Black-chested Buzzard Eagle braved the early morning fresh air soaring above the tops of the volcanoes.

I took the same trail as the previous afternoon due to the fact the trail was so quiet the previous day. I found three locations that had clear areas two were by the river and the third was a clearing which had the most bird activity of all. Birds were difficult to find but some species were not adverse to paying me a visit as they whizzed past my head landing on a nearby tree. A Planalto Woodcreeper had me spinning around as I felt the rush of air as it passed.

The next entrant was more subtle entering quietly then shuffling its way up the trunk of a tree. This Red necked Woodpecker “pajero de carpintero” was a spectacular mix of colours that complemented each other perfectly. I was glad it smiled for the camera as it went about its business.

There were several Slaty-throated Redstart in the area and again I was the one being scrutinized.
A Blue-crowned Trogon arrived unannounced and perched above me inspecting my every move.
A Slaty Capped Flycatcher was next onto the list as it made itself busy hawking insects.

The afternoon was a case of allot of birds heard and pursued without a great deal of success even when we ventured off trail in an effort to see a bird. Parrots were not in short supply as well as some amazing scenery as we traversed the sides of the forest.

Another great day spent in a truly amazing place. What will tomorrow bring?!!

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