Saturday, 3 September 2016

Laguna Blanca - All about the birds!

Another round of surveys has been completed and the reserve is preparing itself for Spring. The birds are far more vocal in the mornings but once the sun appears then you would think the reserve was a bird free.

The Rufous Nightjars and Pauraque are heard almost nightly with the latter remaining on the Arroyito trail beyond daybreak! The Pavonine Cuckoo has also been more vocal but is still very difficult to see preferring to remain in dense cover for most of the day.

The Black-collared Hawk has frequented the Lagoon and the Seasonal Pond but has managed to avoid the lagoon on survey day.

On 1st Sept a Yellow-billed Tern was observed fishing in the margins of the reeds near the beach.

A Scaly-headed Parrot was observed in the Transitional Forest during a walk to the North end of the lagoon. This species is regularly seen in flight on the reserve but is much more difficult to find in the canopy unless you find a fruiting tree where you will also see Blue Amazon and a chance of a Pileated Parrot.

Both the fields at the far end of the south Atlantic Forest have been harvested but the Yellowish Pipit remain with a sparse scattering of seedeaters in the patches of longer grass. A moulting Blue-black Grassquit posed momentarily for the camera.

The Atlantic Forest has been fairly quiet with Black-crowned Tityra being added to the yearlist. I have to catch up with the Magpie Tanager that has been seen by Joe on a couple of occasions.

The Cerrado is still partially flooded and with more rain today this situation is not likely to change much! 

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