Friday, 23 September 2016

Laguna Blanca - Small-billed Tinamou finally makes my LB list!!

Every birdwatchers dream is for cloudy overcast and even showery weather at this time of the year. But it does not matter where in the world you are the weather seems to conspire against you. The skies at Laguna Blanca have been cloud free and the sun has been getting up very early indeed!
This however does not stop migration as there has been a trickle of migrants on the reserve but the majority of birds pass over without stopping as they take advantage of the favourable conditions.
I have been wandering around the reserve with Catherine one of our new interns and sighting the odd Tropical Kingbird and hirundine as they pass over the lagoon.

A Pearl Kite was spied whilst we were fighting our way through the Sensu Strictu Cerrado along with a Fork-tailed Flycatcher.

23rd - I started my seventh round of surveys today and bumped into a Small-billed Tinamou as it was rummaging through the leaf litter on the edge of the Transitional forest. I hear this species regularly on the reserve but have not had a confirmed sighting to date despite using sneaky tactics to lure one into view. Not so much of a woo hoo but an at last moment!! There are still two more species on this short list Undulated Tinamou and Collared Forest Falcon! 

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