Sunday, 4 September 2016

Laguna Blanca - Lone Kite!

Another rain storm and low cloud over the Lagoon this morning have Alyssia, Sarah and I walking the Lagoon keeping our eyes to the skies. Even though the weather has taken a turn for the worst the birds are still busy nest building with new nests being found every day.

Whilst Alyssia and I were observing a newly found Rufous Hornero nest Sarah exclaimed I’ve got a raptor over the forest. The large broad winged bird was using the thermals to make its way towards the lagoon.

With camera at the ready I waited in anticipation for the bird to make it into camera range. Then I reeled off a lot of pictures as the bird gained height wheeling its way disappearing into the clouds! The bird was a juvenile kite but which species was the pressing question. A look at the pictures on the computer and consultation with Paul Smith (Fauna Paraguay) was the way forward with this bird.

A juvenile Grey-headed Kite was the final verdict once again my camera had preserved the moment allowing enough time to look at the bird closely! Thanks Paul!

A few hirundines were push down by the weather with Grey-breasted, Tawny-headed  and Brown-chested Martins all present. A Large-billed Tern was the next visitor to the lagoon which is distinguished from the Yellow-billed Tern by its larger size and the black primaries with grey to white on the coverts and secondaries. The bird was found by “El Magico!” Jorge as it quartered the margins before departing along the north side of the lagoon.

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