Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Laguna Blanca - Sunny days bring a few raptors!

The sun has continued to beam down on Laguna Blanca. With temperatures rising every day there is always a chance of a raptor taking the opportunity to thermal over the reserve. An Osprey did exactly that but stopped briefly to take lunch from the lagoon. This is the third bird of the year and is always a magnificent sight over the reserve.

Plumbeous Kite has also been present over the last few days. A couple have been found resting in trees in the Atlantic Forest and Cerrado. An additional group were seen thermalling over the forest one evening.

A Black-collared Hawk has also been present favouring the lagoon edge early morning. 

I also caught up with a pair of Spotted Nothura that Jorge had seen a few days earlier in the cornfield.

I have found another Tropidurus lagunablanca which brings my total to three. But they still don't stay out for long at the moment!

There is cloud and rain forecast over the weekend but will it make it to LB and provide another surprise!

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