Friday, 8 March 2013



I went out with Becca and Victoria on a monkey hunt bright and early and found a pair of Ringed Teal on the beach. Shame it was not light enough for a picture but these were my first ducks of the visit. The significance of this is that I have been banging on for days about wanting to see some ducks on the lagoon. Well it is autumn and ducks should be passing through! Ok enough about ducks!

We went into the Atlantic forest which was very quiet for some time! Then I walked under a tree overhanging the trail and there was a rumble and five Capuchins appeared in Indian file! The next thirty minutes were spent following them through the forest from the trails. The idea behind the follow is to get the monkeys used to Becca’s presence so that she can habituate them. Capuchins are intelligent creatures and normally have one monkey who makes himself visible and acts as a decoy! Games were the order of the day today and we may have taken the decoy, who was enjoying itself at our expense! However this is the longest time they have been observed since I arrived.

Becca and Victoria returned to base and I continued walking the main track and approximately 500m along on the E side I could hear the Capuchins in the distance.

The weather turned sour later in the day with heavy winds and some rain. I checked the lagoon when I could but I wonder if there will be more ducks in the morning!!

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