Friday, 29 March 2013

Last Laugh!

MARCH 28th
Sean and I checked and moved the nets this morning then walked the Arroyito trail at the back of the house.
A Spot Backed Puffbird was the first new bird to join the trip list. 
(Spot backed Puffbird)
Another flycatcher was photographed. It has been difficult identifying this family of birds without an illustrated bird guide. Paul Smith (Fauna Paraguay/Zoologist) has been kind enough to look at and identify photographs of this group. 

I heard a bit of a commotion from the other side of the stream and could see the Jays were upset at something. A quick scan with my binoculars revealed the cause a Laughing Falcon! I had heard of this species being present but it had eluded me despite efforts to locate it!
(Laughing Falcon)
Flavescent Warbler numbers have increased in the area recently. A bird was heard by the base and Mbopi trail and another heard on this trail. A third bird then hopped into view and gave some crippling views but I could not manage a decent picture! The Spot-billed Toucanet put in another appearance at the same spot near the stream.
(Spot-billed Toucanet)
The third bird to join the list was an Unicoloured Blackbird. These birds are similar to the Epaulet Oriole so I was careful to double check the features before pencilling it into my notebook!

The afternoon was spent with Sjouke at Nightjar Land. The area including the Ecalyptus plantation was looked at with a view to formulating a census plan.

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