Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Raptors on Nightjar land!

MARCH 24th
Sjouke had arrived from Holland the previous evening and after his induction it was time to go to the Nightjar land where his project would be based. A comparison of species present on the Nightjar land to the species present in the Eucalyptus plantation. Sjouke is also a keen birder and conversation instantly flowed on this subject!

On arrival at nightjar land we were welcomed by an Aplomaldo Falcon which i’m sure was holding a welcome to Paraguay banner! I took some shots through the windscreen which weren’t so great but as expected any movement from within the truck and the bird moved to another nearby tree!
(Aplomoldo Falcon)
It was going to be an afternoon of raptors which included White tailed Hawk and a superb pale adult Long-winged Harrier.
(Long-winged Harrier)
The hirundines were landing on the sand in numbers and this was a perfect opportunity to look at them through the telescope. An Ash-throated Crake was heard but not seen so this has still not made my life list. A large flock of Great White Egret were seen in flight before dusk.

White winged Nightjars were also seen after dark along with Potoo, Pauraque, Little Nightjar and Burrowing Owl.
This was a good start to Sjouke’s birding adventure!

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