Sunday, 31 March 2013

Easter Eggs All-round!

MARCH 29th/30th/31st
Easter weekend is very busy with tourists at Laguna Blanca. The tracks are busy with cars and Quad bikes so birding has to be carefully planned. The weather was clear and sunny which is very pleasant but will not drop many migrants onto the site.

I spent the morning with Becca and Vicky on a monkey hunt. A lot more trails have been cleared and this gives us more opportunity to follow the Capuchins from their sleeping site. The monkeys were no-where to be seen early on but we walked straight into them along one of the new trails. Was I quick enough to get pictures? No chance!
Sjouke walked the Mboijagua trail which is the only trail I have not walked so far. This route consists of cerrado and  transitional forest habitat with low scrub along the 4.2km route.

I moved the nets with Sean. No fish this time but the nets are moving closer to the beach end of the lake which makes the row a short one!
A walk along Arroyito trail with Sean and Sjouke produced the first decent view of a male Planalto Hermit.

Sjouke and I staked out the lagoon this evening Neotropical Cormorant and an Aplomaldo Falcon were the best of the movements. Although the White-tipped Dove flock is getting bigger with c100 birds joining together from three smaller groups.

This morning Sjouke and I walked the Mboijagua trail but before we got there we heard a commotion in a small tree by the lagoon. Two Pale-breasted Thrush were harassing a Yellow-billed Cuckoo which had stopped off for a breather by the lagoon. The Thrushes chased the small cuckoo out of the bush into the denser trees and it was not re-located. The Cuckoo was a lifer for me.

Whilst walking the trail House Wren and Rusty-backed Antwren were added to my triplist. The latter was a lifer. 
(Rusty backed Antwren)

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