Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Mammal trapped!


On Sunday evening Sarah and Mike from ROLEX arrived from England to film a short documentary on Para La Tierra’s progress in Community Outreach and Scientific work. Karina had won an award from ROLEX for her work in developing these fields.

Helen had had some success with an Opossum in one of the Sherman traps. This mammal obviously found the peanut butter and biscuit mix too much to miss resulting in a brief term of incarceration before being micro chipped and released.
This was to be the first of four days filming which involved a trip to Nightjar land in the afternoon to film this critically endangered species. The day was foggy at first but the sun broke through briefly in the afternoon then disappeared again in time for the drive across the Cerado.

This turned out to be ideal weather conditions as the birds were willing participants in the film making process. A Spotted Nothura was flushed near the track as the truck passed. Mike succeeded in getting a few feet away from Burrowing Owl!
(Burrowing Owl)
The White-winged Nightjars were on form too with three birds being located in quick succession and two posing to be filmed at very close range. Fantastic! A pair of White-rumped Hawk were also observed flying close to the edge of the plantation.

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