Saturday, 9 March 2013

Raptor Fest!

This morning I was out with Sean on the boat to deploy the gill nets but only half way along the lagoon. On our return a group of c20 funneling Mississippi Kite were seen near the lagoon. The day was very hot and humid but this evening the weather changed with lightning storms all around.

But Joe, Jorge and I made it to Nightjar land via the owners guard post where the first raptor of the afternoon was noted an American Kestrel.
(American Kestrel)
Nightjar land is divided into three parts with fire breaks between each section. Jorge parked the truck at the marsh side of break two and I set up the scope on the back of the truck. Jorge understands some English and my Spanish is slowly improving. This was an ideal opportunity for us both to practise both languages on each other.

Having mentioned to Joe that I was surprised I had not seen Chimango Caracara it was no surprise when seven homed into view a few minutes later. I think I will try this tactic again!
(Chimango Garacara)
A long-winged Harrier was the next raptor to pass overhead.
(Long-winged Harrier)
Then Jorge spotted a large raptor sitting on top of a small tree. The scope went into action identifying a Grey-headed Kite. It was time for me to go off and attempt to get close enough to photograph this magnificent bird. The plan failed miserably with only a record shot taken. The bird moved back a tree whilst I was negotiating a small dried up channel. I decided to leave the Kite be and made my way back to the truck.
(Grey-headed Kite)
I did stumble across a White-eared Puffbird on the way back though so all was not lost. I think the plan is to return tomorrow afternoon after monkey watch in the morning.
(White-eared Puffbird)

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