Sunday, 24 March 2013

Ghostly goings on!

March 21st
For a while now there has been strange scurrying in the night and things randomly being knocked over once the lights went out. Eyes had been seen in all the rooms at various stages of the night! Traps had been put out but the mystical being had not fallen fowl of the tempting morsels inside!

Did the PLT house have a ghost of volunteers past! The apparition had been named Joe junior and was regularly discussed at the dinner table. Much to the annoyance of Joe senior!
This morning Dan described how this mystical beast fell fowl to an American style cookie and bam the Sherman trap door was shut!

Joe junior has now joined the Savanna Hawk in an action pose in the museum courteously of Helen!
(Joe jnr)
Mystery solved! But is it ho ha ha haa!!

On the birding front it was a quiet day generally. I went and collected the camera traps from the now abandoned Tinamou nest and downloaded the remaining footage. The only notable sighting today were two Lineated Woodpecker that were found by Becca in the trees at the base.
(Lineated Woodpecker)

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