Saturday, 2 March 2013

Trap setting!

I took a walk Urukurea trail with Becca this morning. The Capuchins put in a brief appearance early on but they were moving too fast for us to keep up with them!  I spotted a Dark-billed Cuckoo in a tree in the clearing before you come out onto the lagoon.
(Dark-billed Cuckoo)

Becca returned to base and I remained on a Toco Toucan hunt. I was stood in the clearing and I heard the Toucan call. Back into the forest I went armed with playback but after an hour could not locate the bird.

Mid afternoon I went to the Transitional forest with Helen to bait the mammal traps. Peanut and crushed biscuit was on the menu. Well it smelt nice but I did not sample the fair because I was told it was food for the mammals!!

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