Wednesday, 27 February 2013


The monkey crew were up “oober!” early this morning with the intention of locating the Capuchins as they departed their sleeping site. One thing was for sure the monkeys were in the same area we left them the previous night but somehow managed to give us the slip! They were heard but were always a few steps ahead of us until they reached a part of the forest that had no trails.

A pair of Rufous-crowned Motmots posed nicely for me along the way.
(Rufous-crowned Motmot)
Spotted Nothura were heard in the forest and one was seen as we left the trail near the lagoon. The Pied-billed Grebe was still present near the beach. A large flock of White-tipped Dove were seen at the lagoon edge.

This evening we returned to the sleeping site but had to return to base as one of the group got an ant in their pants. Problem being these ants are large and have a wicked bite! The situation was quickly resolved and all is fine now!

The “Bullet ant” is the biggest ant here. This ant is aptly named as you feel like you have been shot or its bite has been likened to being hit with a tazer! I’m not sure who tested that comparison out! Fortunately it wasn’t this species causing the problem tonight! 

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