Friday, 15 February 2013

Rain Stops Play!

February 14th

The plan for early morning was to go with Becca and re-locate the Capuchin monkeys but the weather had other ideas! Monsoon type conditions prevailed and quick forays out to the Lagoon edge were the only option between heavy showers. On a positive note the humidity had dropped and birds were more active.

A Striated Heron flew over the reed-bed near the beach as I was looking for the Pied-billed Grebe. The latter was re-located later on further round the Lagoon. Chopi Blackbirds were also present. I then hot footed it back as more storm clouds gathered and concentrated my efforts within running distance of the base! A group of Guira Cuckoo and Smooth-billed Ani were also seen.
(Guira Cuckoo)
(Smooth-billed Ani)
I returned to the beach area where the Atlantic Forest meets the lagoon and photographed a Streaked Flycatcher which is more heavily striped in the South of its range. Epuelet Oriole were also noted in this area.

(Streaked Flycatcher)
The bird of the day was the male White-banded Tanager which is a Laguna Blanca special. This was seen on the far side of the Lagoon through my telescope.

Becca and I went looking for the Capuchins late on but were not successful. We made it back to base in the nick of time before the heavens opened again!

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