Sunday, 24 February 2013

Raptor migration!

A visit to the Atlantic forest this morning produced a Squirrel Cuckoo found by Becca who strongly denies having any interest in birds..I’m not so sure myself!! 
(Squirrel Cuckoo)
After a walk along the Urukurea trail a mighty crash from the canopy and the shouts from a very disgruntled Capuchin were heard. The primate was not seen again but had me wondering if the monkeys were just as curious about our presence but didn’t like being spotted taking a sly interest in their cousins!

The beach area is busy today with tourists which results in an increase of feathered visitors to the base. These included a pair of Scaled Dove.

Later that afternoon Becca had a call from Jo “There’s a tonne of Kites over the lagoon”. The message was relayed to me. After a bit of scurrying around SLR shots were fired off and the birds identified as Mississippi Kite. Jo had also seen a Swallow-tailed Kite but I did not connect with this species on this occasion.
I also noted some hirundines over the lagoon!
(Mississippi Kite)

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