Sunday, 3 February 2013

Garden Tick!!

Everyday I get up and wander into the kitchen to put the kettle on not really paying too much attention to whether I disturb the birds on the feeders. I think my garden regulars are used to me and certainly dont fly off when the seed tubs are carried into the garden.

This morning was like any other day until I noticed a greyish bird sat on one of the apple tree branches. My mind instantly went into overdrive "That's not a starling!" "Waxwing! Where are my bins!" My camera was in the front room having been downloading pictures from it last night. Chaos in the house, I flew into the front room grabbed the camera slid across the laminate floor into the back room. A quick look through the bins "Yes! its a Waxwing". Now for the tricky bit set the camera up and sneak forward into the kitchen. I'm not sure whether it was me moving or the local cat that spooked the bird but it flew off before I could get near any kind of light source to snap this MEGA of a garden tick for me.

I have always dream't of a Waxwing appearing in the garden but reality suggested it was an unlikely event. I do have a red berry bush which covers my neighbours fence but it does not have alot left on it at this time of year.

I sent out the news and then pondered and looked out in anticipation in the hope that the bird would return to pose for a few snaps.... I'm still waiting!!

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