Friday, 22 February 2013

Refreshing rain!


I woke up this morning at the usual time of stupid o’clock and could hear rain on the roof! But there was no point going back to sleep so up I got. Rain figures in this neck of the woods so I packed a small umbrella which came in very handy this morning. I thought to myself “Rain with no wind I can manage that” and off into the Cerado I went! This area holds two of Laguna Blanca’s specials White-banded and White-rumped Tanagers.
(White-banded Tanager)
The morning started slowly with Grassland Finch and White-rumped Tanager. The first new bird of the day was Eared Dove followed by a small group of loud Black-throated Saltators.
(Black-throated Saltator)

Crested Caracara was the next species to jump onto the trip-list with four seen in flight. There were a lot of birds moving around when the rain eased off for short periods.

The rain had finally stopped and two Ringed Kingfisher flew threw obviously heading for the lagoon. I wandered on and heard the distinct call of the Red-legged Sierema. I attempted playback but then heard another bird from the opposite direction. This continued for about ten minutes resulting in me spinning around so many times that I lost my bearings. Thank goodness for footprints in the sand!! (and GPS!).

The horse carcass has not attracted many potential diners yet but as the menu matures I would imagine bookings at the Vulture Restaurant will pick up!

I wandered back to base and saw Mark and Adam heading out. A Shiny Cowbird was the last addition this morning.

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