Sunday, 24 February 2013

Quality not Quantity!


Having spent the last couple of days looking like a giant Hobbit and having to keep my feet up! (I am still mystified as to whether I was bitten or it was to do with climate change!) I was back on the birding trail having noted a Great White Egret on the lagoon and a Narrow-billed Woodcreeper from my chair this morning.

It was time to visit White-winged Nightjar land (WWN) with Jo and the crew. Before we checked in with the land owner Sean banged on the roof indicating a stop point! A Red-legged Seriema was seen on the edge of the Eucalyptus plantation.

As the truck ran parallel with the WWN area a Rhea was spotted. In fact there were six seen in total in this area. Two difficult species logged in the space of an hour. Fantastic!
(Greater Rhea)
A White-rumped Mojita was first on the list once on the area. I walked part of the WWN area which had two fire-breaks splitting the area into three. White-rumped Swallow and Brown-chested Martin were both seen hawking insects.
(White-rumped Mojita)
This is an area I will be spending a fair bit of time at as the Nightjar project takes shape. It has not changed too much since my visit last year.

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