Saturday, 16 February 2013

Away Day!


Today was a trip into Santa Rosa with Helen.  Becky and I required a Paraguayan driving licence to drive the site vehicle. This is a simple and I thought efficient process which involved a blood test. This enables your blood group to be shown on the licence in the case of emergency! The journey from Laguna Blanca is on a dirt road which plenty of potholes and puddles which makes the relatively short journey a long bumpy ride.

There were birding opportunities along the way with American Kestrel utilised the wires lining the road, Picui Doves were also present. At one of the bridges there is an expanse of marshland where a group of White Woodpeckers and Yellow-rumped Marshbird were observed in flight.

After lunch in Santa Rosa a few supplies were gathered then it was back to base. I had completed my induction period and had been “Let loose!” in Jo’s words which meant I could go out onto the site on my own. There are controls in place which involve booking out and giving a time of return, carrying a GPS and a local mobile phone so that contact with the base can be made if disaster strikes!

There was about an hours light left, it was off to check the Lagoon. I stopped to talk to Jo at the Beach and three White-backed Stilts interrupted our conversation and were observed flying low and off N. This species was a Paraguayan tick for me.

I have already made a mental note to regularly check the Lagoon and it is paying off having noted Barn Swallow flying W at dawn. 

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