Saturday, 23 February 2013

Day at the Dunes!

The whole gang had an afternoon at the Sand Dunes today. Mark found a Black-tailed Tityra at the base and later a Wattled Jacana on the Lagoon before we set out. I returned to the lagoon with him to photograph this colourful rail.
(Wattled Jacana)
The Sand dunes are an oasis in the middle of farmland with what is now a small stream running through it. This area looks a perfect migrant trap. This area is around 30-40min drive away from the base. A Savanna Hawk was seen in flight along with a White-rumped Monjita on a fence line.
(Sand Dunes)
Birding is creeping into all the residence daily routine not that many will openly admit to this! Twitcher Jo is rarely seen without a pair of binoculars in his hand these days. All of which causes me great amusement when the subject of birding is discussed!
(Twitcher Jo)
Time in Paraguay seems to pass so quickly and before I knew it, it was time to head back to base and say “Adios!” to the dunes.
(The Gang!)
The gang from left to right Becca (Primatologist), Jo (Project co-ordinator), Helen (Museum Curator), Sean (Aquatic Biologist), Adam (Volunteer), Mark (Ecologist, Volunteer), Sam and Dan (Volunteers), Karina (Head co-ordinator). Lobo was somewhere around!

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