Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Travel Day!

After nearly a days travel which included two flights a taxi a luxury bus and a truck journey to the reserve I made it to my destination. The bus journey threw up a few morsels including Wattled Jacana and Snail Kites to wet my appetite. There were other unidentified species along the way but I didn’t think the other passengers would have appreciated the additional stops!

Karina and Jo two of the project co-ordinators picked me up from Santa Rosa and the journey to the reserve was completed with a Burrowing Owl thrown in en route.  Once the welcoming introductions had been completed I began unpacking my birding equipment. Helen the Museum Curator called me out to the front of the base where a Tropical Screech Owl had popped in to check out the new arrival! That was a particularly nice end to the day!

Laguna Blanca reserve is run by Parra La Tierra who carries out scientific studies on the site. The project leaders are assisted by University graduates and volunteers like me. One such project is a study of the critically endangered White-winged Nightjar. I was particularly enthused that I would be assisting with start of this project and slept soundly with thoughts of re-uniting myself with this amazing bird. 

(White-winged Nightjar 2012)

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