Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Laguna Blanca Day one!

February 13th

Laguna Blanca is split into three areas Atlantic and Transitional Forest and Cerado. The lagoon is situated between these areas. The base sits on the NW end.
My first day was an induction day therefore I was not going to venture to far from the base. My first port of call at first light was the lagoon. A single Pied-billed Grebe was at the W end. Southern Lapwing were seen along the sand area and picnic site at the SE edge.  A few parrots flew over but identification of them would have to wait for another day.  A Black Vulture, Yellow headed Caracara and Canary-winged (Yellow-chevroned)  Parakeets followed on soon after.
A family party of Sayaca Tanagers were the first to be caught in the SLR. Rufous Hornero were vocal throughout the time.
(Sayaca Tanager)
I then took a brief walk along the trail which leads out from the base where I became mesmerised by a Flavescent Warbler that popped up in the small forest area before the Cerado. I put in some effort to photograph this species but failed on this attempt. If only it had sat still for a bit longer! A bird that did pose very nicely indeed was a Curl-crested Jay.
(Curl-crested Jay)
Boat-billed Flycatchers rounded off the mornings birding at the base. The afternoon was spent updating Wildlife Recorder until I noticed several black dots flying low over the lagoon Hirundines! Off I went scope in hand. Southern Rough winged Swallows appeared under a huge cloud skimming the lagoon surface then moving on as quickly as they arrived. Then two herons appeared from the bank I managed a shot and Whistling Heron was the verdict on a less than perfect picture.
(Whistling Heron)
After dinner I went with Becka to visit sleeping areas of Capuchin Monkeys. Becka is studying these elusive primates and this was a reconnaissance mission for the following morning and it paid off with the monkeys heard but not seen...An early start is in order to catch them in the morning before they get out of bed!! I added one bird species in Plush crested Jay at the back of the houses.

I think I may have blinked the first day is over already!!

PS: I am finishing this entry sat on a strategically placed internet friendly chair in the dark headlamp on...Holding an umbrella!.. I certainly bought some rain with me!!

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