Tuesday, 19 March 2013

A Bridge not too far away!

MARCH 18th
There was nothing out of the ordinary this morning so when I heard the truck was going to Santa Rosa this afternoon I seized the opportunity to jump aboard and do some birding at what I now call Bridge 3!
This is a large grassy area lined with trees and smaller scrub. A small river runs through the area with the road to Santa Rosa dissecting the land. The land looks ideal for seedeaters and grassland birds and it did not disappoint!
(Bridge 3!)
A small group of White Woodpeckers were the first notable arrivals. These birds are generally seen in small flocks.
(White Woodpecker)
Picazuro Pigeon were the first new addition to my trip list. A Ringed Kingfisher flew over the bridge soon after. A Great Pampa Finch appeared on top of a bush just long enough to get a record shot.
(Great Pampas Finch)
Then there seemed to be a lull in bird activity and then Seedeater and Finch heaven as birds began appearing in small numbers in the grass and small trees.
(Rusty Collared Seedeater)
Rusty collared Seedeaters were the first to appear then a pair of Blue Black Grassquit.
(Blue Black Grassquit)
A pair of Saffron Finch flew onto the wires above my head posing for a few shots before they departed.
(Saffron Finch)
I walked back onto the bridge to hear and then see a large Amazon Kingfisher fly downstream and perch itself up ready to catch a meal.
(Amazon Kingfisher)
A Tawny bellied Seedeater was next to put in an appearance but by now the light was beginning to fade and Helen was on her way back from Santa Rosa to pick me up.
Last up on a small pool by the roadside were White backed Stilts.
(White backed Stilt)
A good afternoons birding with an opportunity to practice some Spanish with a local worker who was curious to find out what I was doing during his tea break! I have a couple of birds to identify from pictures so the afternoons tally may go up!

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