Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Stormy night! Laguna Blanca MEGA!

MARCH 26th
Following a huge storm overnight Sean and I took to the Lagoon to check the Gill nets. Two small groups of White-backed Stilt were seen crossing the lake. This was only the beginning of things to come.

After finishing on the lagoon I met up with Becca to help her clear some trails for monkey tracking. Sjouke had gone off to the Cerado and seen a disorientated Grey-Headed gull which was thermal-ling and calling.  

A gull was later seen on the lagoon by Sean who was out checking the nets.

I was in the forest and missed it..!!

On hearing this news I staked out the lagoon with Sjouke for the afternoon which turned out to be a good move with two White-faced Ibis appearing at 1.45pm. Both were followed in the telescope but although they were clearly looking to land they decided against using the lagoon to do this choosing to fly off S!

Waterfowl and Egrets tend not to stay for any length of time on the lagoon. I have wondered why since the day I arrived?! The subject has been discussed at the dinner table but no firm conclusions have been reached!

A trip to the Cerado closed the day with a confirmed sighting of Blue fronted Amazon!

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