Monday, 18 March 2013

Lured to the Lagoon!

MARCH 17th
The gang did not get back from the party until the early hours but I was up by nine and decided to check out the lagoon. This turned out to be a good decision as I saw a Snowy Egret perched up on a post near the beach. 
(Snowy Egret)
As I walked along the beach I realised there were a pair of Brazilian Teal sat together in the next bay.
(Brazilian Teal)
I took pictures of both species only to stumble on a second Snowy Egret that popped out from behind a clump of reeds.

This afternoon I took a trip to Nightjar land where there were several usual suspects and a Savanna Hawk.
(Savanna Hawk)
Rain effected proceedings for a while. It is a lot cooler and cloudier here now as autumn takes shape. But on the positive side migration has picked up so hopefully there will be more birds on their way to the shores of Laguna Blanca.

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