Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Crake Watch!

MARCH 25th
Sjouke and I were up early and back on the birding trail checking the lagoon then venturing into the Atlantic forest. There was the briefest of showers then the birding world seemed to explode in the canopy.
This was great news but birding from the ground into the canopy was not going to be easy but time was on our side and it was a case of working slowly through the birds and taking the odd picture when the opportunity presented itself.

Tropical Paruela was added to my trip list during this spell of activity and a flycatcher which is yet to be identified. This bird could be a lifer too!
We moved out onto the dirt road to view both sides of the forest and my first lifer of the day presented itself in the form of a Long-tailed Tyrant.
(Long-tailed Tyrant)
We returned to base and after lunch I joined Sean on the lake to assist in removing some rather large Piranha from the gill nets. A new species was added to Sean’s collection a catfish with sharp prong type barbes and another on the dorsal fin, presumably to prevent birds and fish eating it.

The evening was spent on a Crake hunt which involved a short boat trip into the reeds and then using playback to lure a bird within viewing range. Two birds were heard before we landed in the reeds. From then onwards it was a waiting game but the wait was not for long as I saw a greyish head and its body pop up from the edge of the grass and look towards the boat. Yes an Ash-throated Crake life bird number two of the day!
(Crake Watch)
I have recently run up a tuck shop bill in relation to the consumption of 23 packets of “Rocklets!” (Smarties in the UK) in two weeks, and the general consensus in the house is i’m addicted to them! Maybe but a celebratory packet of “Rocklets” was the order of the day! But I was told not until after dinner! 

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