Sunday, 17 March 2013

El Cumpleanos!!

MARCH 15/16th

I was out on the lake with Sean early to collect the gill nets. A flock of Great White Egrets flew over the boat on the lake. A few of these birds stopped over on the E end of the lake. Whilst walking the lagoon Joe phoned me to alert me to another flock of Cattle Egrets which passed by me on the Transitional forest side of the lagoon.

Today was the beginning of a double birthday weekend. Joe was first up with a BBQ over at Karina’s place. Fatima had made him a cake and the celebrations went on into the early hours.
(Party time)
 Fatima who is Becca's and my Spanish teacher was 18 yrs old the next day. She reminded Joe of this as the clock had just passed midnight and the celebrations continued.
(Dance with the birthday girl!)
In Paraguay fifteen is the equivalent of a twenty-first. Paraguayans can be married at fifteen and having children at this age is accepted by law. A huge party is thrown with a large sound system and everyone is invited. Fatima’s party was in Santa Barbera so we all trooped off to it and then with Fatima in tow to a fifteen birthday party just down the road.

Needless to say not a great deal of birding took place on these days!

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