Sunday, 24 March 2013


MARCH 23rd
Today I stayed close to the base spending time around the Lagoon and on the Arroyito trail. Two Snowy Egret and three Neotropical Cormorants were the highlights on the lake. The day seemed to be heading the same way as the previous day until I returned to the Arroyito trail just before the evening meal.

I spied a Pale-vented Pigeon on the far side of the stream  which is still in full flow. Then I heard alarm calls of Pale-breasted Thrush. What was all the commotion about, Then a Spot billed Toucanet homed into view. Wow what a fantastic looking bird and not something I was expecting to see at Laguna Blanca!
(Spot billed Toucanet)
After dinner I popped out to the lagoon and heard Ash-Throated Crake calling. This bird is a lifer for me so I need to see it for it to make my list. This could be tricky. I spent a while looking at suitable playback points with a dawn/ dusk visit in mind.

Whilst doing this I caught up with the Pauraque but was unable to photograph it on this occasion.

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