Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Crash landing!

MARCH 11th

I went with Helen and Sean to collect the Sherman traps from the Transitional forest and as we entered the forest a young Savannah Hawk was hopping about on the floor. Three Curl-crested Jays were dancing around it screeching at it from higher perches!
(Savannah Hawk)
Not only was this Hawk out of place in the forest it seemed disorientated as it attempted to stretch out its wings. A decision was taken to capture the bird and check it for injuries. Helen promptly whipped off her outer shirt and we closed in using the top to cover the hawks eyes, which instantly calming it down.

The bird did not appear to have any injuries and photos were taken of the plumage. We took it out of the forest onto an open area so that it could re-orientate itself and eventually fly off. The hawk was showing signs of recovery but showed a reluctance to fly off whilst we were present!

We collected the traps and returned to see the bird preparing its wings for take-off! It is not sure how such a young bird got into the forest, maybe tiredness had set it during the windy weather and its parachute had failed to deploy!

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