Thursday, 28 March 2013

Laguna Blanca First!

MARCH 27th
Sjouke and I set off early and took the Kurupayty trail. This was another good move with more species being added to the trip list. First up was a Creamy-bellied Thrush who posed nicely on a tree stump.
(Cream Bellied Thrush)
We checked out a gap in the tree scrub line and it bought us out at the fence line to a local farm. Identifying large Parrots was the next task as we had set up our viewing point close to a fruiting tree that was attracting some big attention! Blue fronted Amazon and Scaly headed Parrot were photographed. As well as being able to sort out key flight identification features for both species!
(Blue Fronted Amazon)
(Scaly Headed Parrot)
A White-barred Piculet was heard behind us in the bushes and a Green Barred Woodpecker joined the Parrots for a short time.
(Green Barred Woodpecker)
We then carried on down the trail which crossed the entrance gate and then towards the S Atlantic forest. There were birds in the canopy along the way and more trip ticks were added in the form of a Grey Elaenia and an Eared Pygmy Tyrant.
(Grey Elaenia)
(Eared Pygmy-tyrant)
We walked back through the N Atlantic forest but before we got there an interesting raptor in the form of a Grey-headed Kite flew over. This is the first record for the site and probably the same bird I saw on Nightjar Land earlier in the month.
(Grey-headed Kite)
Once inside the N Atlantic forest a Rufous capped Motmot was seen. This species was on Sjouke’s wish list so he was also very happy!

Back at the base Becca, Sjouke and I were gathered at internet corner (picnic benches and tables opposite the base) which also doubles as a mini gym.
At 11.55am Sjouke suddenly walked towards the lagoon to look at vultures and a Plumbeous Kite that was high and clearly in a hurry to get somewhere. This was a lifer for me and it flew NW over the base. 

I spent some of the afternoon lagoon watching but the excitement was too much for some!
(Wake me up when something good shows up!)

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