Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Birding with a bang!

Sunday was almost a complete washout after the party the night before.  I decided to keep a Kite watch during the afternoon which proved to be interesting with circa 50 Mississippi Kite flying N to NW at 3pm.
Monday I had a data catch up day as well as Kite watch which drew a blank.

Tuesday I was back in the Transitional Forest to carry out my third survey. I heard an Undulated Tinamou calling from the Arroyito trail but could not call it in. This is a life bird which has to be seen to go on the list.
(Blue tufted Starthroat)
The dried river basin came to life at around 0700hrs with hummers arriving in the area. A Blue tufted Starthroat was the first to land conveniently sitting on a branch close to where I was stood.
(Guilded Saphire)
A Guilded Saphire was next again sitting in the open enabling the photographer to get good shots of the birds.
(Swallow Tanager M)

The very same tree exploded with a small flock of Swallow Tanagers which included a splendid male.
(Swallow Tanager F)

I continued my walk along the Mbojaguar trail which has transitional forest on the right hand side and at the top of the hill the path leads into the forest. It was unusual to see a couple of Cerrado birds using the transitional forest to rest.
(Chestnut banded Aracari)
The only other sighting of note was a Chestnut banded Aracari which called from near the canopy. I managed to get some kind of a shot before it moved on.
(Swallow tailed Kite)

During the afternoon a front was moving over Laguna Blanca so I kept eyes on the lagoon. What I should have done is had all my equipment close by so that when the two Swallow tailed Kite arrived I didn’t have to leg it back into the house get my camera and lose a great opportunity for  pictures of the birds! This species is a Paraguay tick for me! 

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