Sunday, 23 March 2014

Cool Characters along the track!

Thursday was another stormy day with another stake out of the Lagoon which only produced a single Barn Swallow. Southern Lapwing numbers were up with a count of 17.

Friday I was back in the Cerrado on the quad bike. This enabled all Cerrado types to be covered which is not possible on foot due to the size of the area. White tailed Hawk, Blue black Grassquit and Tawny headed Martin were the latest additions to the list in this habitat.

A small group of Snowy Egret appeared during the afternoon at the beach end of the Lagoon.
(Little Woodpecker)

Saturday started out overcast with low cloud which I must say looked promising but did not turn out that way for birds anyway. I completed two lists in the Atlantic Forest and added a Little Woodpecker to the list. I await confirmation from Paul as to the id of the bird.
During my walk I noted two unusual characters along the road from the Urukurea path at the North down through the South forest to the Corn Field.
(Grey Brocket Deer)
First up was a Grey Brocket deer who seemed as shocked to see me as I was to see it. Some slow moving camera work captured the moment before the deer disappeared back into the forest.
The second character a Tayra wandered up the track oblivious to my presence until finally the penny dropped and even then it was not sure what to do. Run away or creep a bit closer to get a better look at the strange human in birding gear!

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