Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Paraguay here I come!!

Friday 28th February - Saturday 1st March 2014

Today have finally arrived! I had decided to make my way to the airport by public transport. Work was half way there (Earls Court) anyway so this seemed like a good idea. What I hadn’t allowed for was the weight of my bags. TAM airlines have an agreement with London, Frankfurt and I believe Madrid which allows two bags at 32kg each plus a hand luggage bag and laptop. This is great until you have to carry it anywhere. My dad gave me a lift to the station which was a great relief. Thanks dad! Getting my bags from West Brompton to work and back was a real challenge!!

I arrived at the airport and went through the formalities of bag drop which only totalled 38kg with all my kit. I went through what appears to be a regular thing for me these days at airports a thorough bag search! If only they new!

 Anyway after a couple of flights I arrived at Asuncion and phoned Karina (Para La Tierra Owner) who happened to be in the city with Joe (PLT Project co-ordinator). I would be travelling back to Laguna Blanca with them. This was fantastic news no bus rides for me!!  

I met both at their hotel and after a warm welcome and a catch up we set off to get some supplies, have dinner and then take the five hour journey back to Laguna Blanca. On arrival I saw Becca (Primatologist and snake charmer!) and Jorge (Forest Guard)  and met my room-mate Tommy who is a botanist and was also from the UK. A Tropical Screech Owl put in an appearance as well!

It felt like I had never been away and it was even suggested that I had been put in cold storage for a year and let out because the birds needed counting! Thanks guys its fantastic being back!

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