Sunday, 9 March 2014

Paraguay tick...Lifer for Joe!

6th – 9th March 2014

Over the last few days I have carried out two more counts. The first in the Transitional Forest the hi-lite of which was  a Toco Toucan that I had to have a mini stake out for having heard it call some fifteen minutes earlier. The bird eventually flew from the canopy over my head out of sight therefore once again I have not got any pictures of this fantastic bird.
(White backed Stilt)
The pair of White backed Stilts have re appeared on the lagoon along with the Brazilian Ducks. During a birding walk with two visitors I found a Dark billed Cuckoo in the transitional forest area off the Arroyito trail. This bird is a week later then the bird I found on Urukurea trail a year earlier.

Joe has started the next phase of his project which involves catching and ringing White winged Nightjars. The first nightjar was banded the other night and this has provoked discussion as to its identity having been re-caught yesterday.

During a night drive on the aptly named Nightjar land. Becca who was driving the Wingle (truck) called a Barn Owl which flew and sat on top of a tree. The importance of this sighting was that it was a new bird for Paraguay for me and a life bird for Joe. Mild celebrations were heard fortunately we are in the middle of no-where!!

Joe and I stayed on using a quad bike to negotiate the sand and grasslands in search of White winged Nightjars. The Quad bike is piloted by yours truly whilst Joe uses the searchlight to locate birds. Once found it is a mad dash over difficult terrain to catch the birds. Two more birds were processed in this way. I have now banded a bird myself after expert coaching from Joe. Thank Joe! We plan on going out most nights looking for more birds which means late finishes.
(Rufous Casiornis)
My first survey in the Atlantic Forest was tricky trying to identify canopy birds in mixed flocks. Some birds still require confirmation of identification. 
(White barred Piculet)
A pair of White barred Piculet was an interesting find amongst a couple of flycatchers / Elaenias.

I had a nap this afternoon (Which has caused amusement in the camp!) but awoke to cloud and sunny spells. Off to the lagoon for my first proper raptor watch. Five Black, two Turkey Vulture, a Mississippi Kite, and a Southern Crested Caracara, later and it was back to the computer to catch up on data input.!!

Evil Kneval and Joe are back out in Nightjar land tonight!


  1. Enjoying your reports and lovely photographs

  2. Kevin American Barn Owl is a split this year Tyto furcata. May well be a lifer for you too!