Sunday, 16 March 2014

Rhealy Good!!

12th – 14th

(Southern beardless Tyrannulet)
Wednesday it was the Transitional Forests turn to be surveyed. The hi-lite of which was a Southern beardless Tyrannulet and the female Band Tailed Manakin re appeared forther along the dried river bed.

A pair of Lineated Woodpeckers were seen late morning in the area of forest at the NW end of the lagoon. Sadly there was no repeat of the King Vulture.

(White headed Marsh Tyrant photo James Dee)
During the afternoon the heavens opened up so I decided to have a nap. Whilst I was asleep the rain stopped and James found a White headed Marsh Tyrant on the reed-bed on the lagoon. This could be a new record for Laguna Blanca. Needless to say when I went looking for the bird it had gone. Note to self time!!
(Rhea photo James Dee)
Thursday it was back into the Cerrado with James. This area is hot at the best of times with little shade to shield anyone from the sun. Whilst walking around James spied a small group of Rhea so we both stood in front of a bush in order to hide our presence. The Rhea sussed this manoeuvre out but became curious and started creeping towards us getting within 15 metres of our position.

Friday I returned to the Atlantic Forest it was survey time and what a survey it turned out to be! It began slowly along the Urukurea trail so I made my way down towards the S forest. My birding friend Lobo in tow!

James had had a lie in but appeared on the back of the moto loco with Becca and Sagi. I joined them at the gate and noticed a small rail along the South path so up went the scope and low and behold along with the Slaty breasted Wood rail were two Grey necked Wood rail a lifer woo hoo!
(Red eyed Vireo)
James made his excuses with the girls (no chopping paths for him today!) and we both birded on down the S road. Next up were three Red Eyed Vireo. I have since learnt from Paul is a split in South America which means another potential life tick.

Whilst walking down the road I heard the briefest of calls which I recognised from my birding homework as a Rufous capped Spinetail. Some playback later and James had another lifer in the bag.
(Black crowned Tityra)
Last on the life list for James was Black Crowned Tityra. I must say these birds were very obliging almost posing for pictures. Needless to say we were both back late for lunch. But hey the birds stop for no-one!

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