Friday, 7 March 2014

Nightjars Galore!

5th March 2014
Today it was the lagoons turn to be surveyed and the weather was very obliging with low cloud and mist early on.  The Brazilian Ducks were present for a third day. 
(Tropical Kingbird)
A Fork tailed Flycatcher seemed to be hanging around with a couple of Tropical Kingbird. I slowly made my way around the lagoon edges.
(Maguiri Stork)
The cloud was still low but it was brighter as I made my way towards the NW corner of the lagoon. I noticed three large storks flying W and got them in the scope to confirm their identity as Maguari Stork who appeared to be struggling to keep their long necks and equally long legs anywhere near parallel with their bodies. I took some shots of the birds but they were high and the results were far from perfect.

I completed three McKinnon list and made my way back to the base bumping into Sanji (Volunteer USA) Pequenita and my alternate birding friends (The dogs!).

After catching up with some computer work (after its crash earlier in the week), I caught up with the other days events. After dinner a trip to Nightjar land was planned with banding a White winged Nightjar and seeing a Lesser Nothura the main goals.

Joe led the party of four into a large area of grass and patches of long grass. This area was where Cock Tailed Tyrant had been seen in the past. As light faded away a Lesser Nothura was heard calling so Joe, myself, Tommy and Sagi spread out in an effort to improve chances of seeing the bird.
Three Lesser Nothura were heard in total but unfortunately none were seen. A Red winged Nothura made an appearanc on the return walk to the truck. 

The spot light was set up and the “hunt” was on for a White Winged Nightjar. As Joe drove along the red road/runway a male Scissor tailed Nightjar flew across the front of the truck. A Little Nightjar was next to put in an appearance. Then a third Nightjar that behaved like a White winged Nightjar. I got a fix on it as it perched itself up a tap on the roof and Joe stopped the truck and he was off into the scrub to catch the bird which remained on its perch right up until the net was cast.
(White Winged Nightjar)
Joe bought the bird back to the truck for banding and measurements to be taken. Care was taken not to keep the bird for too long. We ventured on into Nightjar land via the land owners house to search for more birds. Another bird was spied on the far bank of the old river which is now thick marshy grassland. Joe and I set of in persuit of the prize that promptly moved but Joe decided he wanted to reach the other side so we continued. Cutting a long story short Joe made it I sunk in the marsh a touch away was success. The return journey was a soggy one but two Potoo were seen along the way!

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