Thursday, 27 March 2014

Evening counts bag tricky birds!!

My project is taking shape using the McKinnon method but there are still some species that I believe are present in each area that have not made the lists. This week I have turned my attention to completing evening counts in an attempt to achieve the above.
(Rusty Margined Guan)
Tuesday I ventured into the Atlantic Forest and the switch in tactic appeared to be paying off. Sooty fronted Spinetail was the first species of note on the list. The next new entrant was a bird that is guaranteed to scary the life out of you if you hear it particularly around dusk. I refer to the Rusty Margined Guan which I saw jumping along a thick branch close to the canopy. Next came a bit of a standoff. The bird had its eyes firmly fixed on my every move. This gave me the perfect picture taking opportunity.
(Juvenile Barred Forest Falcon)
As I was walking along the track from the gates to the South forest I saw a bird which I initially thought was a Trogan as it was sat on the forest edge with its back to me. It was getting dark so the colours of the bird were not immediately obvious. As I crept closer I saw a small a Barred Forest Falcon which froze on seeing me. I took a few pictures and left the bird to carry on with its routine. This is a new bird for Paraguay for me. I saw an adult at Iguazu Falls Argentina two years ago.

Wednesday I ventured out into the Cerrado but only managed one list. I did however hear Small billed and Undulated Tinamou both of which are life birds. I will attempt to see both species so that they can be added to my life list.

An evening expedition out into Nightjar land with the gang produced a Striped owl along the airstrip. What a magnificent bird this is it was a shame the moment was not captured but I hope the bird will re appear another time. Scissor tailed Nightjars have been seen more frequently this year a male and a female made an appearance on this occasion.

Today I completed two lists at the lagoon. The surprise bird a Red winged Tinamou which was flushed by two fishermen as they made their way along the East bank. Fortunately I was being nosy (this end of the lake does not normally have visitors) and caught the bird in flight in the scope! 


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