Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Feliz Cumpleanos Joe!!

This blog entry has a PG rating. Please do not read on if you thought I was a sensible responsible member of society!!

Joe’s birthday is always a big occasion at Para La Tierra and having reached the ripe old age of 24 (Twenty Four). The supplies for the celebration had been purchased and pork was on the “asado” menu.

There had been talk of me taking part in a “Dunkaroo” the process was strangely enough not explained to me. However being a sport I agreed to take part. The birthday boy was first up to the mark to obviously demonstrate how the process worked.
Stage one: Fill a bowl of water and add ice. Stage two: Put a few beers in the freezer so that they will be as cold as the water. Stage three: When the beer is cold take one out the freezer cut a hole in the side and get someone to hold it for you. Stage four: Put your head under the ice cold water for ten seconds lift up and shotgun the beer...DUNKAROO!!
After surviving this refreshing experience I watched on as Becca, Karina and Sagi took the mark!
(The Waterfall)
Next up was “The Waterfall” this was far easier arms up a beer in each hand and pour into your mouth. This was easy right up until the point where you can’t swallow anymore and you get doused in beer!

In between the entertainment the asado was well on its way to being ready and the pork was really tasty . 
(Jorge DD)
A couple of beers later and we all piled into the truck with our DD (Designated Driver) Jorge and off we went to a charity event.

A local boy had been knocked off his motorbike and was critically ill in hospital. Money raised was to help pay for further treatment.
(Liberation of the Beer!)
During the party I decided to put a beer in my back pocket for safe keeping only to find that I had somehow locked the zipper and could not get it out. This caused a great deal of amusement within the gang. Minor surgery was performed by Joe enabling the now luke warm beer to be consumed. Well you can’t have good beer going to waste!!
At midnight it was Fatima’s birthday, therefore the celebrations would continue throughout the night!
(Fatima's dancathon!)
(Dancathon 2!)

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