Wednesday, 5 March 2014

No time like the present!!

Sunday 2nd March 2014

My first day back was going to be an easy one so I had my induction with Becca and then confined my birding to the lagoon and its environs. The weather had been changeable with heavy rain in places. Conditions were looking good on the birding front. It was also time to get familiar with the regular birds on the reserve.
(Lineated Woodpecker)
A Lineated Woodpecker put in an early appearance at the base. Curl Crested Plush Crested and Purplish Jays were not far behind. A Flavescent Warbler seemed to be in the same spot as last year perhaps I had been put in cold storage!!
(Tropical Kingbird)
Tropical Kingbirds were present in the trees lining the lagoon and the tourist area. I took a walk along the Arroyito trail which incidently proved to be very productive for firsts for Laguna Blanca last year (Stranecks Tyrannulet and Spot billed Toucanet).
(Pale crested Woodpecker)
A Pale crested Woodpecker was a welcome site in the trees off the trail. This area had a new trail which I decided to investigate on another occasion.
(Bullet Ant)
I came across a Bullet Ant during my walk. This apparently lives up to its name if it bites you. I not sure who put themselves forward to be shot to compare the effects of both!!

As if in a flash the first day was over!!

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