Tuesday, 25 March 2014

White winged Nightjar Update!

Joe and I have been taking regular trips into Nightjar land in an effort to band (ring) all the White winged Nightjars. This will result in a calculation of the size of the population. Thus far we have ringed nine birds which include three males and a juvenile.
(White winged Nightjar)
Last night we found two birds one being a re-capture (Band 4) 200m from the original point of capture. This re capture shows that Joe’s methology is working. This bird was weighed again to monitor weight change.
(White winged Nightjar)
A very small piece of tape has been attached to a feather so that there will be a reflection of light when the searchlight beam follows the bird. The shape will identify the bird in flight / perched and reduce the amount of times the bird is handled minimizing stress to the bird.

This process involves working late into the night but the results with provide valuable data on this critically endangered species.
(Common Potoo)
Another species I have been able to have close contact with is the Common Potoo. I was within touching distance of this bird when these pictures were taken. 

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