Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Duck out of the Rain!!

Monday 3rd March 2014

There had been heavy rain overnight which continued with showers into the morning. I took a walk around the Atlantic forest with a visit to the lagoon firmly implanted in my mind. As I exited from the Urukurea trail the rain started again. Up went the brolly and I continued onto the lagoon. As I was walking past one of the pools a duck caught the corner of my eye. I put the brakes on just in time as not to disturb the pair of Brazilian Ducks that had clearly taken refuge whilst the worst of the rain had passed over.
(Brazilian Duck)
The next step was to go into stealth mode in order to get some pictures of this fairly irregular visitor to the lagoon. The Lagoons water does not hold sufficient nutrients to keep ducks on it for any length of time.
(Striated Heron)
Next out of the reeds was a Striated Heron who posed magnificently on an open piece of vegetation standing motionless in search of its next meal. The job was completed with the minimum of disturbance to the birds who remained oblivious to who was creeping up on them! The pair have remained for three days now!
I took to the Transitional Forest during the afternoon. I had acquired two birding friends one Acero could not handle the pace and walked home the other Lobo sought a different form of relaxation!!

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