Thursday, 20 March 2014

Stormy Weather!

Wednesday’s weather was variable enabling me to carry out a survey on the Lagoon. The cloud moved in later on in the morning and a storm looked imminent as the cloud rolled in.

Alot of birds were using the Lagoon this morning allowing three lists to be completed. New species are becoming harder to find around the lake but the pair of Brazilian Teal put in another appearance. They seem to be using the N end of the lake visiting the S end when there are no tourists around.
(Blue Dacnis F)
Two notable species seen in the trees within the environs of the lake were female Blue Dacnis and an Elaenia which I have been unable to identify. Too many key features are concealed in the photos.
(Elaenia sp)
The storm got into full swing overnight and it is still raining now. I watched the Lagoon for a couple of hours this morning and saw a Barn Swallow flying low above the reeds. The rain has stopped but for how long. Keeping one eye on the lake is a must!

As I am posting this log a Great White Egret flew along the far bank of the lake. Lagoon watch for me this afternoon!

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